Math 290 – Elementary Linear Algebra (Spring 2021)

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  1. Text: Elementary Linear Algebra – 8e, by Ron Larson. ISBN-13: 978-1337604925. ISBN-10:1337604925; Prerequisite: Math 122 or 142 or equivalent.
  2. Course Description: System of linear equations, Matrix operations, Determinants, Eigenvalue, Eigenvectors, Vector Spaces, Linear Transformations.
  3. Jin Feng’s Office: 510 Snow Hall, Email:
  4. Office hour: Tuesday, Thursday 1:30-2:30 am through zoom (appointment through email).
  5. Lecture time: Tuesday and Thursday. 11:00-11:45 am online. Email:
    1. Check my email dated Feb 1st at 6:01 pm about zoom links meeting ID and passcode. You can use this code throughout the semester.
  6. Homework assignment: Assignment is given online through the WebAssign system every week, some times more than once per week. Since results will be graded electronically, no late homework can be accepted. Homework grade is given based upon correctness of your solution. Please check your email about a message from me on Feb 1st (time stamped at 6:00pm) about how to use the WebAssign system and its “class key”. In particular, please register as soon as possible to ensure your first homework grade can be recorded by the system.
  7. Grader: Alejandro Santos; Email:
  8. University of Kansas academic calendar for Spring 2021.
  9. EXAMS (tentative and subject to change) 
    • All exams are given online.You can have a one-page cheat sheet, closed book, no calculator. There will be two midterm and one final.
    • First Midterm: March 16,
    • Second Midterm: April 8th,
  10. Grading policy: Homework and quizzes : 30 percent,Midterm 1: 20 percent,Midterm 2: 20 percent,Final: 30 percent. A: 90 -100, B: 80-90, C:70-80, D: 60-70, F: 0 – 59.
  11. Students With Disabilities: The KU Student Access Center coordinates accommodations and services for all students who are eligible. If you have a disability for which you wish to request accommodations, please contact the center as soon as possible. Their office is located in 22 Strong Hall; their phone number is 785-864-4064. Please also email me in regard to your needs in this course.
  12. Religious Holidays: Any student in this course who plans to observe a religious holiday which conflicts in any way with the course schedule or requirements should contact me at the beginning of the semester to discuss alternative accommodations.
  13. Intellectual Property: Course materials prepared by the instructors, together with the content of all lectures, are the property of the instructor. Video and audio recording of lectures without the consent of the instructor is prohibited. Permission to make such recordings may be granted by the instructor on a case by case basis, on the condition that these recordings are used only as a study aid by the individual making the recording. Unless explicit permission is obtained from the instructor, recordings of lectures may not be modified and must not be transferred or transmitted to any other person, whether or not that individual is enrolled in the course. Uploading of course materials to other web sites is not permitted.